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Our aim is to empower both the customer and the service provider through our innovative platform where customers have the freedom to book their routine services 24/7 and service providers will experience growth in sales & revenue by delighting their customers with an enhanced customer experience From here, PROLYNCS came to inception.

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Reduce No shows

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Efficient staff management

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Accept online bookings & real time notifications reminders

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Drive New Customers On A Daily Basis


Some amazing benefits

At Prolyncs, we strive to aid you with booking appointments, in the easiest and most efficient way possible. Our team has built a platform where you can easily access your routine service professionals, at any time of the day!

Evolve Constantly In Your Business Sector

Keep A Competitive Edge To Serving Customers

Operate Your Business Operations Productively

Experience Growth In Sales & Revenues

Drive New Customers On A Daily Basis

Make Your Business More Recognised In No Time

Our Team

Vinay Sharma

Vinay Sharma

Founder & CEO

Vinay Sharma is the founder of Prolyncs Inc. He is an IT professional with over 7 years of experience in Supporting and Implementing on-premise & Saas Based applications in retail, logistics, Non-Profit and Healthcare industries.

Vinay has also travelled widely to different parts of North America on job assignments and has in-depth knowledge of business processes and technology.

He started Prolyncs Inc in an effort to help people connect with their routine service providers in absolute ease and with minimum hassles.

He is passionate about any mission he undertakes and via Prolyncs he is on a mission to create something that empowers both the business owners and customers by having a good visibility of professional services.

Vinay Sharma

Kapil Bhandari

Co-Founder PROLYNCS Inc.


Kapil is a successful businessman and also has a proven track record in Commercial Real Estate Consulting which he has been pursuing for the last 7 years in order to fine tune his knowledge and influence. The work done in this field has helped him to acquire interpersonal skills as well as giving him first-hand experience in Strategy and Marketing.

Kapil has demonstrated his ability to work across nationalities and culture to create and achieve success in all the endeavours he has pursued.

Founding of PROLYNCS Inc. is a natural progression for Kapil as his broad experience sets him up for success in the field of E-Commerce and Marketing.

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